Close-up of a lamp post by the lake near Wolfeboro Inn

Things to Do in Wolfeboro NH

Explore Charming Lakeside Shops and More

When you stay at The Wolfeboro Inn, you’ll find yourself just moments from the best things to do in Wolfeboro, NH. Lake activities, biking trails, parks, beaches, local music, museums, tranquil hikes –  these are just a few of the activities that await you in Wolfeboro, America's first summer resort. Our location near Lake Winnipesaukee offers a diverse array of attractions and activities for all ages and interests, and our staff will be happy to recommend fun things to do.  

View of the courtyard & the lake from a Suite at Wolfeboro Inn

Winnipesaukee Belle

Enjoy a memorable, relaxing lake experience when you cruise aboard the Winnipesaukee Belle, a replica 19th-century paddleboat. This 65-foot boat has two decks, an open-air upper deck and an enclosed lower deck salon with restrooms and a bar. The Belle can accommodate up to 100 guests for wedding receptions, parties, reunions and outings. All catering is provided by The Wolfeboro Inn.  

Tour New Hampshire's largest lake on a 90-minute scenic cruise, or enjoy a night out on a Tuesday Brews or Thirsty Thursday cruise with music and dancing. Belle departs from the town dock, and tickets can be purchased at the dock, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Private Events on the Winnipesaukee Belle

The Winnipesaukee Belle departs from the Wolfeboro Town dock and is ideal for any event, including: 

  • Company or Family Outings 
  • Anniversary Parties 
  • Rehearsal Dinners and Wedding Receptions 
  • Birthday Celebrations 
  • Senior or Motor Coach Groups 

Contact our sales office to book your special event on the Winnipesaukee Belle!